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Smartmusafir - First ever Travel Website offering Cash Back on booking of Air tickets.

  1. By "Cash Back" we mean that we would pay some amount to our registered customers if they purchase air tickets whether domestic or international through Smartmusafir. This amount of cash back would differ depending upon the OTA (Online Travel Agent) you select to purchase the ticket. Details on the amount of cash back for every OTA would be displayed to you during the process of signing up OR registering with Smart Musafir.
  2. To be eligible for cash back it's essential to sign up and be a member with Smart Musafir. While signing up plz ensure that you provide your complete name, the way it's exactly mentioned in your bank account so that your cash back cheques can be issued under the same name as these cheques would be Account Payee cheques.
  3. The membership of Smartmusafir is absolutely FREE for all however the member must be minimum of 18 years of age.
  4. Only one account is permitted per person.
  5. It is also very essential that while signing up you provide valid phone number and valid email id so that if required Smart Musafir Team can contact you.
  6. Once you sign up you get a member log in id and password to access your account with Smartmusafir. After logging into your account you can also see details of your earnings and cheques issued.
  7. Your cash back cheque would be issued only when your earnings reach upto a minimum of Rs 500. Once your cash back earning reaches Rs 500 and above we would courier your cheque to you within 60 business days.
  8. As per Indian Govt Rules TDS deduction would be applicable on your cash back earnings and the cheques would be prepared accordingly.
  9. In case the customer cancels the ticket after purchase the cash back offer would also get void.
  10. To start with we are providing cash back only on air tickets as of now and gradually we would offer the same on hotel booking, bus booking, train booking, car booking, cruise booking and holiday packages as well.
  11. The eligibility for cash back program and its benefits are offered at the discretion of Smart Musafir.
  12. Smartmusafir reserves the right to terminate this agreement without any notice. If the member wishes to terminate this agreement the member is required to give 60 days notice, before such termination.
  13. Any notice regarding termination by Smartmusafir would be sent to the e-mail address provided by the member. In case the member chooses to terminate this agreement, the member is required to send notice to the customer care of Smartmusafir giving the account id of the member.
  14. Smart Musafir reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of User Agreement, in whole or in part, at any time with or without notice. The Members should periodically check the terms and conditions section that may be published on
  15. If an Affiliate, OTA, Affiliated Merchant or Vendor fails to record a transaction to Smartmusafir, or holds the payment to Smartmusafir for a particular transaction for any reason, Smartmusafir reserves the right to cancel the cash back reward associated with that particular transaction. Cash back rewards awarded to Members are subject to adjustments for returns, cancellations, and other such events. These adjustments can be applied to Member accounts at any time by Smartmusafir at its sole discretion. If a Member disagrees with any such adjustments made to his/her account, their sole remedy is to withdraw from the Program. If Members commit breach of any of the terms and conditions of this agreement or fail to abide by this agreement or any other rules, Smartmusafir at its sole discretion can cancel/terminate the membership.
  16. The purchases made through Smart Musafir's Affiliate or Affiliated Merchants will be deemed a "Qualified Purchase" and will be subject to earn a Cash Back only if all of the following criterias are fulfilled:
  • "Cookies", both first and third party (if applicable), must be enabled on the Member's Web browser.
  • All Qualified Purchases must be made by clicking on the OTA's links, banners and pop-ups that appear on Smart Musafir Web site or by using the booking engine of Smart Musafir.
  • All purchases must be started and completed in one shopping session on Smart Musafir Site. If the Member starts a purchase and completes it in a different session, then that purchase would be ineligible for cash back.
  • Members must not use coupons that are not listed on the Smartmusafir website.
  • The determination of whether or not a purchase made through an Affiliate or OTA of Smart Musafir is a "Qualified Purchase" is at the sole discretion of Smartmusafir.
  • "Account Activation" is completed after making a Qualified Purchase through Smart Musafir Website.
  • It is the responsibility of the Member to periodically check his/her account to ensure that cash back amount is being properly recorded in his account and is being credited timely. In the event of any discrepancy regarding the cash back, the member is required to contact Smartmusafir with complete details of qualifying purchase. Smartmusafir would process any query from the member within a period of 60 business days and inform the member regarding such claims.
  • Smart Musafir reserves the right to terminate any account for abusive or fraudulent activity or if Smartmusafir finds any information provided by the member to be false.
  • Smartmusafir does not guarantee or make any representation regarding the quality, accuracy of any advertisements, products, services provided or offered by Affiliates, OTAs, Merchants or any person selling any product. The member is required to form an independent opinion for any of the purchases made.
  • Smartmusafir does not guarantee the payment of the Cash Back until the Affiliate or the OTA credits the same to Smartmusafir.
  • The member while doing registration will have to select a password to get access to Smartmusafir account. The member is entitled to modify or change the account information by logging into his account on Smartmusafir website. The member is entitled to verify all details including the cash back by checking the account information. Any change in account information or the details furnished by the member necessary e-mail would be sent to the valid e-mail address provided by the member at the time of the registration. The member should keep such e-mail account active or provide any change in e-mail address immediately to Smartmusafir as Smartmusafir would not entertain or provide any information to the member except through the e-mail address provided by the member.
  • Smartmusafir reserves the right to disclose the information of the member, the transactions made, the cash back received on receipt of any valid notice or summons from any Government or statutory authorities. The member further authorizes Smartmusafir to disclose to third party the information provided regarding the member or shopping behaviour to agents / licensors or Smartmusafir or its affiliate to independent Auditors, Attorneys, Consultants or for providing non-personalised marketing services or for advertising or to a merchant partner. The member further agrees for Smartmusafir to collect and use non-personalised marketing information regarding the visits or purchases made from internet commerce site.
  • The member agrees to receive communication, marketing e-mails and accepts to receive e-mails regarding offers, shopping related mails, etc.
  • Smartmusafir is not responsible for any incorrect information, error or incomplete details provided by the member.
  • If Smartmusafir receives reports of any fraudulent transaction, the member's account would be terminated along with any unpaid earnings.
  • Smartmusafir will pay the cash back only for genuine transactions.
  • This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India.
  • In case of any difference or dispute between the Member and Smartmusafir the same shall be settled by way of Arbitration to a Sole Arbitrator to be appointed by Smartmusafir. The venue of such Arbitration shall be at New Delhi, India. The Courts in New Delhi shall have the exclusive jurisdiction over such Arbitration proceedings.