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› What is SmartMusafir?

India's first Cash Back Travel Website where you can compare the offerings from all major Airlines and OTAs and choose the best deal on Air tickets, Hotel Booking, Train Tickets, holiday packages, Cruise packages etc... and what is more you can get upto Rs.250 off as cash back on each transaction you do through SmartMusafir

› Can I register a free account on SmartMusafir?

Yes registration/signup/membership with SmartMusafir is absolutely free for all.

› What If I do not register?

If a user does not register with SmartMusafir he/she can still make the required transactions however would not be entitled for the CASH BACK facility.

› How do I get cashback on SmartMusafir?

To be eligible for cash back it's essential to sign up and be a member with Smart Musafir. While signing up plz ensure that you provide your complete name, the way it's exactly mentioned in your bank account so that your cash back cheques can be issued under the same name as these cheques would be Account Payee cheques. The membership of Smartmusafir is absolutely FREE for all however the member must be minimum of 18 years of age.

› Why I am not receiving emails from SmartMusafir?

Until and unless a user registers with SmartMusafir he/she would not get any kind of emails from SmartMusafir Team.

› Why I am not able to log in at SmartMusafir?

Until and unless you register yourself with SmartMusafir and generate a valid user id and password you would not be able to log in at Smartmusafir. Even after registering if you are not able to log in that means either the user id or the password is incorrect which you are using to log in at Smartmusafir. In such case contact the support team of SmartMusafir.

› What if I want to terminate my account on SmartMusafir?

If the member wishes to terminate the account with SmartMusafir the member is required to give 60 days notice, before such termination.

› Can you elaborate on valid transaction through SmartMusafir?

The purchases made through Smart Musafir's Affiliate or Affiliated Merchants will be deemed a "Qualified Purchase" and will be subject to earn a Cash Back only if all of the following criterias are fulfilled:

  • “Cookies", both first and third party (if applicable), must be enabled on the Member's Web browser.
  • All Qualified Purchases must be made by clicking on the OTA's links, banners and pop-ups that appear on Smart Musafir  Website or by using the booking engine of Smart Musafir.
  • All purchases must be started and completed in one shopping session on Smart Musafir Site. If the Member starts a purchase and completes it in a different session, then that purchase would be ineligible for cash back.
  • Members must not use coupons that are not listed on the Smartmusafir website.
  • The determination of whether or not a purchase made through an Affiliate or OTA of Smart Musafir is a "Qualified Purchase" is at the sole discretion of Smartmusafir.
"Account Activation" is completed after making a Qualified Purchase through Smart Musafir Website.
› Who can join SmartMusafir?

Anybody who is 18 years of age and above can join SmartMusafir.

› What does it cost me to join SmartMusafir?

Membership of SmartMusafir is absolutely FREE.

› How do I join SmartMusafir?

To join Smartmusafir you need to minimum of 18 years of age and you should have a valid email address. You sign up with SmartMusafir using your valid email id.

› Why do you charge me an admin fee?

Unlike other Cashback sites we at SmartMusafir do not charge any admin fee.

› Why is my account not activated?

Once you sign up with SmartMusafir you do become a member but your account would be activated only when you do valid and qualified transaction through SmartMusafir Website.

› Are there any limits in earning cashback?

No there is no limit in cashback earnings. More you spend on purchase the more you earn.

› How do I log in to my account?

The user id and password that's generated during your sign up procedure with SmartMusafir can be used to log in to your account with SmartMusafir.

› When will my cashback be tracked?

Smartmusafir does not guarantee the payment of the Cash Back until the Affiliate or the OTA credits the same to Smartmusafir. Once SmartMusafir receives the same it would be tracked and would reflect in the account of the user.

› Do I pay a higher price while shopping on SmartMusafir, since you are giving me a cashback?

No you do not pay anything extra or any higher price while making any transaction on SmartMusafir. Cashback Feature is an additional facility which SmartMusafir is offering to its registered members.

› Is there a time limit for the earnings to show in my account?

Once SmartMusafir receives the transaction payment from Affiliates or the OTAs it would soon reflect in your earnings.

› There is an incorrect earning shown in my account what do I do?

In such case you can always report to SmartMusafir Customer Care mail id.

› Why do I earn on SmartMusafir?

Once you become a registered member with SmartMusafir you earn cashback on every transaction you make through SmartMusafir. This is the appreciation given by SmartMusafir to its loyal and registered customers.

› When does SmartMusafir deposit cashback in my account?

Cashback is never deposited in the account of the customer instead an account payee cheque is couriered to the customer on the address they mention while registering with SmartMusafir.

› How do I earn on SmartMusafir?

After becoming a registered member with SmartMusafir whenever you do any valid and qualified transaction through SmartMusafir you earn cashback on every transaction that is validated and qualified.

› How are payments made to me?

Your payment would be made through an account payee cheque.

› When will I be paid?

You would be paid within 60 days of your cashback payment confirmation.

› How do I know if i'm included in the next payment date?

For this you can anytime login to your account and check your payment amount and status of the payment.

› When I request for payable cashback then how much time will it take to process payment?

Members need not to request for their cashback payment as Smartmusafir team on their own would courier the cashback payment cheque as per the process and timelines.

› What if default has occurred in transaction?

If any flaw occurs during the transaction that customer is doing through SmartMusafir and the transaction is not tracked appropriately and is not a qualified transaction then the customer would not be eligible for cashback only for that particular transaction. Though there are very minor chances of any such instance as the tracking system of SmartMusafir is very strong and accurate.